Ernesto Méndez Chiari

Panamanian travel journalist, consultant, and food blogger



I was born in beautiful Panama and since then I embarked on an international professional, academic, and gastronomic tour. My hardcore passion for travel has taken me to 66 countries and over 250 cities across all continents.

In 2013 I founded @elbrunchblog, a gastronomic platform that follows my travels around the globe. I studied at Yale University and moved to Madrid to get an MBA at IE Business School. Previously, I lived in St. Louis, Beijing, Hong Kong, New Haven, and Panama.

Fugora is my latest and biggest project yet. It is an experiential travel agency that specializes in finding the best activities, deals, and rates for each and every client’s specific requirements and creating tailor-made itineraries.


My travels, studies and professional experiences helped me discover, explore and exploit my multiple passions: storytelling, journalism, gastronomy, and global affairs.

Ernesto Méndez Chiari

Yale Gate Ernesto Mendez Chiari SOM MAM.

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